North Africa

We don’t talk about History enough at all, we are encouraged to live in the present. We, as nations, have justified our historical actions, because we don't want to carry that guilt. But how else are we going to fix this messy present if not looking at the past?

We are due our time to commit ourselves to a process of TRUTH and Reconciliation, where we face these difficulties head on.

The knowledge of the oldest people on Earth have been dampened down by oppression.

In Africa, people lost the ability for agriculture, and lost their touch with their spiritual traditions.

In the Amazon forest, they fight to keep their culture alive, they are avid agriculturors, though without clean water, without seeds, this is not possible. 

The Peruvian Ichma civilization, which preceded the Incas, were highly spiritual human beings.

For them, the father of the world was Pacha Karmaq, the provider of the gift pf Agriculture. 

Food is a matter of spiritual importance. Water is not only vital and finite, it is sacred.

When the body is out of balance, when the nutrition is poor, the mind is filled with fear and oppression. 

Think about it, food is used as a currency, and its lack is a strategy.

Without food and water, there is no defiance.

All photos you see here were shot in North Africa.

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