Juliana Scodeler

New Moon

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Juliana Scodeler
printed on C-Type Metallic

I watched the sea and the sky for a long while, it made me feel so tiny. Like a tiny little universe of atoms.
It got me thinking that for every low tide there is a high tide. Opposites. Balance.
So many theories I learned in school. Even my own fundamental set of beliefs, from who I am to where I'm going when I die, were force fed to me when I was young.
I realise that so many of my teachers were wrong, because they couldn't have possibly understood my own universe of atoms. They couldn't possibly have felt my own god.
So I just sit and watch, feeling embraced by this moon; it is so hard to unlearn something.
I asked the locals about the big bang. Most of them believe in an Adam and an Eve, like so many others in so many other parts of this planet. A few of them believed in dinosaurs, some of them believed in Magic.
Then I found one person in the middle of nowhere who thought of life almost exactly like me. And I understood that we need to get out there and find the other people. Then I found another person, and another.
No matter what I believe in, the organised patterns of this Universe are always there, beyond my control, beyond my existence, working their incomprehensible magic so that I can be exactly where I am right now.

If we could only smash these borders.
Not only the physical ones, but the mental ones that we impose on one another.