Juliana Scodeler

Trojan Horse

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Juliana Scodeler
printed on Giclée Hahnemühle Photo Rag

Trojan Horse
by Juliana Scodeler
Sidi Kaouki, Morocco 2018
Giclee archival print

A man, a horse and their shadows.

'I saw the horse running from the end of the beach, so I positioned myself against the sun and sat on the sand. Increased my shutter speed as I wanted the photo to be dark. Roughly calculated the distance the horse would be in relation to my camera, and set my focus to manual.

I waited until I saw the horse galloping with the corner of my left eye. I could feel it galloping. I hit the trigger fast as I could, hoping I would catch it running from the side - but synchronicity happened and the horse stopped!

And so did a moment in the spiral of time.’